Historical Image Journal: Hernando De Soto

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Historical Image Journal Topic One: Hernando De Soto Hernando De Soto is the famous conquistador who explored all of the southeastern area in the America we live in today. De Soto started his conquest in Florida and travelled through Georgia, the Carolina’s, Alabama, and even made his way through Louisiana to the beginning of Texas where he died. He actually explored the more land than any other conquistador. De Soto, like many other conquistadors, travelled from region to region to find the Native Americans gold and wealth. In his travels he went to many different tribes and took their wealth, but his most famous encounter was with Chief Tuscaloosa. Chief Tuscaloosa knew that De Soto was befriending him so that he could take their gold and territory. He had a surprise attack waiting for De Soto when he took them to their tribe’s territory, but De Soto and his men out gunned the natives and conquered their territory. De Soto is the perfect image for Spain’s conquering of the new world. All of Spain’s conquistadors went to America to conquer the new territory and take the wealth that the Native American’s had. This was sparked from Christopher Columbus’s original ventures to the new world when he brought back gold and riches from the native tribes back to Spain. The idea of wealth and territory captured the hearts of many men in Spain, like De Soto, and so they set sail to explore the new world and take the wealth hidden there. Although the natives were large in number and
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