Historical Influences Of The Constitution Essay

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What are the Historical Influences of United States Constitution? It is known that people all over the world have come to the United States, to create a better life for their families and themselves. The United States is known for having the best form of government for people to be included and have a say in their beliefs. What many people do not know is, what influenced the United States Constitution and the founding fathers in writing.The idea of the Constitution was brought up after the failures of Articles of Confederation. The founding fathers had a meeting on what improvements should be made to the Articles of Confederation. But the meeting eventually ended up in creating the United States Constitution. This took place at Constitutional…show more content…
The British government influenced the principles of limited government, individual rights, and checks and balances. The Enlightenment thinkers influenced the principles of separations of powers, checks and balances, popular sovereignty, and individual rights. Also, the failures of the Articles of Confederation influenced the principles of federalism, limited government, and checks and balances. All of these influences have greatly impacted the United States government. To this day we believe that the British government, changed the found fathers view on government after limiting the king’s power. The Enlightenment thinkers also influenced us with their intelligence and discoveries. It is also believed that the failures of the Articles of Confederation influenced the United States Constitution because the founding fathers did not want for their government to fail, like it did with the articles. Without the influences of the United States Constitution, the United States government today would not be the same. For example without the United States Constitution, marriage rights could be denied to same sex couple, we would have our democratic right to vote for a president every 4 years, and etc. None of these things would have existed if it were not for the influences of the United States Constitution. Our world has changed for the better, since these
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