Historical Invention Of Photography

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After the camera was invented in the early eighteenth century, photography became a common media and a tool that people use to record the facts and show as an evidence, but not very often, it didn’t always show the facts of historical value. However, because of the invention of the cameras, seems like painting turned into a historical value that people do not really spend time to observe the image lately. Some artists that argued photographic images are very easy to make copies of. It was debated that images presented proximity and clarity of representation in an approach that traditional art such as painting, graphic design or sculpture could not possibly reach. And now sculpturing is even replaced by 3D printers.

Barry Schwabsky is an American
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And those photographers were influenced by the history of painting; they develop their works freely. Schwabsky wrote in the essay. “ A polemic today’s painters no longer seem to feel called upon to make decisions of the image-realm over some other reality. Instead, they feel that everything has to be a matter of images.” However, he also mentioned, “It was photography taught us the modern idea of the image, it is painting that allows us to internalize it. It’s a question of touching and being touched. The photograph may have been touched by the light of its object, but the sense of contact is entirely subsumed in the seamlessness of the photograph’s surface.” These two analyzing sentences proved his point of view in between the photographs and paintings.

Walter Benjamin is a German philosopher, historical materialism and cultural critic. Benjamin wrote in his essay “Extracts from the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction” about the future of painting. Benjamin discussed that since photography was born, images
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However it lead me to think about something far more then I thought of. I was always fascinated in the relationship that photography and painting had. It is not only because they are both reflected in showing an image, but also because of the history and the materiality. It has always been a very interesting question of mine why does some artists’ think that photography has overtake the painting. Personally, I think photography and painting are both very powerful art material that influenced people in many different ways. Although photography was invented much later when painting was already there. It is a matter of time and space, especially after the digital revolution. For painting, you need all the equipment like canvas, brush, palette, easel and color. For produce a realistic image you need a camera, and it can capture the views much faster than spending time to paint. In consider of the different purpose, contemporary artists are using different media, sometimes, they might even combine both materiality to create a piece of art, for example the artist ‘Aboudia’ who is currently showing in Saatchi Gallery. No one should be surprised by the convergence between photography and painting, the overall argument of the

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