William Wallace Braveheart Analysis

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In terms of contemporary society, movies serve as a powerful medium of representation of particular historical events and prominent personalities. In the most cases, people tend to believe in what they might see on the screen without thinking of the academic background on which the historical movies naturally should be based. To be more specific, in a great number of films, even if they are based on the historical events, everything is displayed in rather an inaccurate way. Along with their initial cultural significance, movies can equally be inexact in terms of original research upon the matter they are intended to convey. What is more, there can be seen certain cultural myths and bias against the historical facts in the films and Braveheart…show more content…
While watching Braveheart, the audience teaches that Wallace was a revengeful leader and "savage" inherently. Yet, the real William Wallace was strong and firm with rather a diplomatic approach while serving as guardian. Also, by means of representational initiatives, he tried to solve the various political problem, establish parliaments to share the power with Scottish guardians as well as attempted to keep the Scottish church deeply involved in the creation of the country. He did not look to Scottish nobility as the single to build the unity within the nation. Furthermore, in the movie, William Wallace is portrayed as a poor farmer. Though his family was not wealthy or well-known, it can be stated that they lived fairly a comfortable life. They lived in Ellerslie, Scotland and were landowners. Moreover, William’s uncles provided children within the family with a profound education in languages, diplomacy, church traditions and government. Such kind of precisely Christian education formed a solid foundation for convictions in the liberty of young William…show more content…
At the same time, the movie has used the basal political tension between Scotland and England. With no doubts, in order to release a film that is aimed at captivation of the audience, it is necessary to employ contrasting patterns, in other words, sympathize with the hero and hate the villain. Hence, in a more inhumane manner, the English are shown, the more reason occur for the loyal and honest Scots to fight them. Originally, Braveheart strengthened and added a number of irrelevant stereotypes into the minds of the viewers concerning Scotland. Also, the film re-activated anti-English attitude and brought back to life the Scottish movement for independence. Since Braveheart is filled with a great number of historical inaccuracies, the Times has named the second of the most historically inaccurate movies (). Initially, a particular viewer may think that the film is aimed at promoting Scottish history and raising recognition. However, in point of fact, Braveheart rather centers more on representing the English in a negative way. What is more, if this movie is intended to portray Scottish nationalism, because of the lack of accuracy in the movie, Scottish nationalists could actually be considered as fairly ignorant. Also, along with acting, Mel Gibson is the director of Braveheart. Considering the fact that he
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