Historical References In Forrest Gump

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The film Forrest Gump. directed by Robert Zemeckis well known for directing the famous movies like, The Walk, Back to the Future and I wanna hold your hand, features complexity of modern film fiction with a vast usage of historical intertextual references in which the characters try to connect their lives with past events and figures. The film portrays good interaction between the characters and the viewers through the expressions, plot and music which play the role of setting the mood of the movie. Its hero played by Tom Hanks who acts as the narrator of the story, is portrayed as an honest, humble, innocent, loyal and simple young man who withstands all the odds around his life despite his low IQ. Gump finds himself surrounded by life historical events and adventures. I can 't think of anyone else as Gump after seeing Tom Hanks breathtaking balanced performance between sadness and comedy which was quite believable and very impressive with the Alabama accent that he had. Through Gump 's life, he met people who greatly influenced his actions and decisions like Robin Wright who plays Jenny Curran whose mother died at the age of five and was raised by her…show more content…
The good usage intertextual reference one can be able to show the experience the director Zemeckis has with special effects. With the usage of TV shows episodes and copied voices of the historical figures, Zemeckis placed Forrest in major historical events and people. Forrest Gump taught elvis a few dancing moves, Gump at a television interview with John lennon who was a member of the beatles band, Forrest at the ping pong diplomacy which word came from an American ping pong player who entered a chinese bus and made friends, Forrest making a speech of the Anti-Vietnam War at the Hippie movement rally and Forrest being at the white house three times. Other special effects shown in the film is the deformed lip of Benjamin Bufford as Mykelti Williamson and the crippled leg of Gary Sinise as Lieutenant Dan

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