Historical Research Essay: The Space Race

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Historical Research Essay: The Space Race Rough Draft The Space Race was a race between democracy and communism, and the winner would ultimately determine which nation was more powerful. The Space Race was a time when the United States and the Soviet Union competed to find out which country had better technology and ideas. It was a turning point in history because it resulted in the United States taking the lead in the world of air and space, which changed the way the world functioned politically, scientifically, and technologically, it also affected pop culture in America and how we view our world as humans. The Space Race had one ultimate winner: a nation who had the technology, ideas, and total capabilities of reaching space for the first time in world history. About fifty-years ago Yuri Gagarin, a soviet cosmonaut became the first person in space, which gave the Soviet Union a massive lead in the Space Race against the…show more content…
Mike Wall remarks about the United States moon landing victory when he states, “The moon landing was an incredible achievement for the entire human race. And it almost certainly wouldn’t have happened so quickly if not for those big Soviet victories a decade or so earlier”(Wall 6). One of the worst secret schemes during The Space Race was Project Horizon; this was a plan to establish a lunar military outpost. This program was one of the worst secret schemes because it allowed to build electronic relays beamed from Earth, to the moon and then back again, this allowed for communications over long distances and it also helped with military operations. Kurt Eichenwald explains about how the United States used Soviet Ideas to put man on the moon when he describes, “US intelligence had stolen-or, more accurately, borrowed-one of the Soviet Union’s most important technologies, a Lunik space vehicle, a key component in the Soviet Union’s race with the US to be the first to reach the moon”(Eichenwald
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