Historical Romances In Samuel Richardson's Pamela

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Hands up, anyone who doesn't like romance. Titillation. Hot, steamy nookie. If you think 'Bah, soppy stuff!' you're in a dull minority. Come on. Lose yourself for a few hours in a historical romance. What's wrong with that?

Love, the age old story. When has the telling of it not existed? Samuel Richardson's Pamela (written in 1790) perhaps even led the way for the modern love novel. Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, in the 1800s, further influenced the genre. However, it wasn't until the 1930s British publishers, Mills and Boon, stepped into the picture and things started to heat up. Step by step. But steps in the right direction. America joined the bandwagon in 1972 with Kathleen Woodiwiss's 'The Flame and the Flower'. Now the industry
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Why? What are your reasons? If you haven't had the chance to relish them yet, here are some reasons that might get you to jump into one of these steamy stories.



Historical novels are fun. Escape to the pleasures of the days gone by. Fall into a fantasy world. Let your imagination take flight. They have duels, carriages, rustling dresses, men being men, pirates (men and women), highwaymen (and women). Pure escapism. Sure, the heroine and hero will have problems. But they rise above them and find a way to win. You are transported to a place where one can act, fight and (superbly) come out on top.



Years ago, it was thought that these stories encouraged women to have higher expectations. Higher expectations of themselves. Of men. Of their lot. These romances encouraged women to feel to dissatisfied. They went so far as to emboldened women to feel equal to men. Yea! Are these books inspiring or
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Did you know, for instance, that in 1800s England pineapples were such status symbols you could rent one to take to a party? Funny. And did you know it wasn't until the early 1800s that the right shoe was invented? Or that urine was used to wash clothes in the Middle Ages? History is brought to life!

And what about the vocabulary? Along the way, you also get to pick up nifty words such as, 'lushery' which was where you went to drink alcohol, or how about a thief being called a 'palmer' or, I love the word for umbrella, a 'rain napper'!



Your imagination is allowed to run wild. This isn't like a film where you're handed the leading woman and man who don't look like you'd like them to. Here, you can picture the heroine and hero just as you want. The heroine can be you with beautiful hair, perfect skin and all you know you can be given half the chance. You can live vicariously through the characters. You can dream. In this story, you struggle with problems but everything comes up trumps as you fall into your soul mates arms. These novels simply make you happy.



Do you remember those marvelous heady days of falling in love? Or maybe you're lucky enough to be in love now. It feels like anything is possible. And everything is better. Especially all that sexy
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