Historical Significance Of The Holy Quran

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Roha Hasan
Pakistan Studies Assignment
The significance of the Holy Quran

The significance of the Holy Quran The significance of the Quran cannot merely be described in words since the immense importance it holds cannot simply be quantified by words or numerical data. Luckily for believers of Islam, Quran has the source of invaluable information regarding this life and the next that has been bestowed upon Muslims as the chosen ones through the chosen Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It comprises the words of the Quran are directly those from Allah, which are the teachings of Islam. For this purpose Quran and Islam go hand in hand each other and one cannot simply be taken without the other in all parts of life. Reading and learning the Quran with comprehension together carries immense importance for the Muslims. In order to follow the right path, which is prescribed to us by Allah that is not only advised but obligatory for us to follow we must follow the teachings of Quran. Quran was brought down upon the Holy Prophet (PBUH) by Allah through series of revelations over a period of time. Quranic verses provide a source of guideline for the Muslims to lead a content life that is according to Allah. Reading the Book is in fact a guideline for the Muslims to live in peace, respect each other and follow the righteous path. For a believer of God, the importance of Quran cannot be denied or disregarded in any possible way. Demonstrations of Quran serve as a manual to the

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