Midnight In Paris Themes

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Paris is often considered to be one of the greatest cities in the world. It radiates a rich culture of creativity and innovation that is unique to the city. It is often revered as a birthplace for many traits of the modern French culture, and many of these traits have resonated with modern cultures across the whole globe. From being the center of revolutions to the center of a modern renaissance, the inhabitants of Paris, past and present, have created a city that is world renowned. In the movie “Midnight in Paris,” historical aspects of Paris as well as modern aspects are put on display. The movie focuses mainly on Paris in the 1920’s and immerses the main character, Gill, in the times of great painters, writers, musicians, and other influential figures from the period. Although…show more content…
The main character consistently claimed that he would be happier living in 1920s Paris. As he goes back in time, he meets a girl from the 1920s who has a similar thought about an earlier time. This notion is caused by the way these periods are represented. The culture of certain areas tends to embrace all the positive aspects while not shining much of a light on the negative side. This viewpoint is demonstrated well in “Midnight in Paris,” where the 20s are portrayed as a center of culture, and a magical time period that resulted in the emergence of many great works of art and literature. Of course, the repercussions of the world war are not shown, giving the viewer the notion of this perfect world. This is true for almost any time period in any location. The United States is often referred to as the land of the free, and the concept of “the American dream” is talked about while underlying social issues are overlooked. People enjoy focusing on the good aspects of life, so when a period of great success is occurring, these successes will overshadow negative aspects that are present at the same
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