Historical Trends In Health Care Design

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Technological advancement has become a decisive factor in determining health facility planning and designs. The accelerating rate of evolution and incorporation of health technology has been significant and consistent in affecting facility planning and design. The goal of this paper is to discuss the impact of historical trends to facility design. Although technological and medical advancement has had a profound impact in the health industry, the basic design of most hospitals is still the same since World War II; adverse changes in facility design are expected because of the increase in consumerism, availability of information, technological and
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In the recent years, patients would be treated and administered a drug without being involved in the process. It was a ‘do’ or ‘die’. I remember when my younger sister had asthma attacks a few years ago, she would be administered a hydrocotison intravenous injection, adrenaline subcutaneous injection and aminophilin. She was afraid of going to hospital whenever she had attacks, but with the advancement of patient centered care and technology, she is comfortable going to hospital and is involved in the decision making process which gives her a sense of satisfaction and instead of injections, she is…show more content…
There are various trends that affect the ASCs. Surgical specialties: Ophthalmologists, orthorpedicians, gastroenterologists and pain management surgeons are the strengths of most surgical centers. The ability of a surgical center to thrive in the business depends on these four specialties. Research suggests that about 45% of patients go for gastrointestinal endoscopy and undergo ASC (Saunders, Bellamy, Menachemi, Chukmaitov, & Brooks, 2009). Growth of spine care in surgery centers: The technological advancements have brought about significant growth in various surgical centers. The use of ASC has brought about better outcomes in motion than the use of radiological methods (Thomson & Segal, 2010)
There has been a great change of health facility designs over the designs and more advancement is expected to occur. Technology has played a big role in the health industry, but what miracle to expect from it is still an unanswered question.
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