Historicalization In Greek Civilization

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In Harprashad sastri’s writings it is seen that the Bengalees used to do business of selling paddy-rice riding on boats named ‘Bālām’(243, banglapaedia, book-2)even before the birth of Buddha.And the then Europe underwent the horrific influence of the dark age(1100 BC-700BC)! Even in Mahabharata and Ramayana,as Bashudeva mentions,there were Paundra national and Bengal kings and their organized kingdoms.So, these civilizations were ahead of Harapps(Lahor at present) and Mohenjodaro(Karachi at present) developed in valley of sindhu or not?—to this question it is as impossible to answer as has been to which developed or undeveloped civilization did exist before the Greek civilization? It is because of the fact that to get answers to those questions it requires enough authenticity like scientific proofs or empirical /written documents on which the historians are to depend to write historical backgrounds,as Firoz Mahmud mentions in Living Traditions: A Historical Background that in the absence of written records archaology is our best tool for gaining an insight into human activity in the remote past(p-9,ch-2).That’s why, depending on the scientific explanations, theories on the basis of discovered ruins and relics of archaelogist, anthropologist and even philologist the historians try to develop historical backgrounds of some unwritten or unseen events.So,in case of determining some historical evolution or chronology archaeologist and anthropologist remain ahead.Depending on

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