Ancient Greek Civilization Analysis

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In Harprashad sastri’s writings it is seen that the Bengalees used to do business of selling paddy-rice riding on boats named ‘Bālām’(243, banglapaedia, book-2)even before the birth of Buddha.And the then Europe underwent the horrific influence of the dark age(1100 BC-700BC)! Even in Mahabharata and Ramayana,as Bashudeva mentions,there were Paundra national and Bengal kings and their organized kingdoms.So, these civilizations were ahead of Harapps(Lahor at present) and Mohenjodaro(Karachi at present) developed in valley of sindhu or not?—to this question it is as impossible to answer as has been to which developed or undeveloped civilization did exist before the Greek civilization? It is because of the fact that to get answers to those questions…show more content…
had to take a pause at the Mesolithic age of 10,000 BC.Still the historians did come to continue their researches.They are going forward in determining the exact era of World’s human civilization along with archaelogist,anthropologist and even philologist.Of course each of them has his own process of determining the evolution of human civilization.Being gradually enriched with all their fields of research and knowledge,human initiatives and organized activities through ages all over the world have turned out to be a modern concept; thus resulting in a separate entity named management field where different concepts and theories relating to managerial activities to improve management thought day by day.To this regard Morgan reminds us of the thought: ‘the latest investigations respecting the early condition of the human race are tending to the conclusion that mankind commenced their career at the bottom of the scale and worked their way up from savagery to civilization through the slow accumulations of experimental knowledge.’[Ch-1,p-3]In this field every human effort,little or large,for the interest of mankind is to be considered a managerial activity.So,here to trace the existence of management thought in every age of human civilization,it has been necessary to depict human civilizations of the world as per the historians’methods of classification, that is to say,pre-historic age (?BC-5000BC), ancient age (5000BC-350AD), middle age[1st period (35oAD-600AD),2nd period (601AD-1050AD,3rd period (1051AD-1300AD], Transition period (1300AD-1800AD), Modern age

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