History 202B Research Paper Assignment

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Paper Assignment
History 202B
Fall 2015

In a well-organized essay of 4-6 pages, respond to the statements and questions listed below. Be sure to provide references and examples from the assigned readings (see below). You are responsible for the entirety of Black Boy and Bloods. Since this is a take-home assignment, grammar, spelling, and the like will carry more weight in the computation of the final grade than is the case for an exam.

Compare and contrast the Africa-American experience of the segregated South and the Vietnam War. Try to keep in mind the relatively different time periods, settings, and the fact that protagonists are of different ages. The idea for this assignment is to provide a thesis argument for you essay and then defend it—justify the veracity of that thesis—using textual evidence and explanatory reasoning.
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Rather than using formal footnotes/endnotes, follow these instructions. At the end of a citation--either a complete quotation or a paraphrase (putting the author’s ideas into your own words)--place the author’s name and the page numbers in parentheses. For example, a quotation: “I really like to teach history.” (Beirich, 21); a paraphrase: Some people like to teach history. (Beirich, 21) These methods are used to teach you about the issue of plagiarism, and to show you that historians always try to attribute properly their sources. This is the idea: You cannot claim another’s ideas as your own. In addition, avoid quoting from the Introductions of the three works. The information contained in them is provided as background material only. Make your arguments from the texts themselves--there is more than enough information present for you to make realistic conclusions about the
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