History Behind Dog Fighting

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Dog Fighting Dog fighting is a contest in which two dogs, that are bred and trained to fight against one another, are put in a pit to fight each other for others entertainment and profits. An average 16,000 dogs die each year from dog fighting. Some die in the pits when fighting, others die because they are killed after their owner believes they can’t fight any more. Some dogs are also killed to get rid of any evidence that there was dog fighting happening in that area. There is a lot that goes into dog fights; the breeds used, the fights themselves, drugs that are used to help strengthen the animals, and the training. There is also a lot of history behind dog fighting and where is originated from. Along with laws stating what will happen to people who are found training, fighting, or selling dogs for the purpose of fighting them.…show more content…
Dogs were put against other animals, like bears and bulls, who were either set free or tied up. The fighting of dogs continued all over Europe until England created The Cruelty to Animals Act 1835. This act was intended to stop the mistreatment of animals. They originally had the Cruelty Treatment of Cattle Act 1822 to put a stop to the poor treatment of cattle. The Act of 1835 stated that besides cattle, they would also add “bulls, dogs, bears and sheep”(World Library). Along with a law saying that cockfighting and bear-baiting were also banned. Around the time of the 1835 act, the Stafford Shire Bull Terrier was created and was brought to America. It spread all over the U.S. Even in the 1860’s when dog fighting became illegal in most states, it continued to become an American pastime. It was only until recently that dog fighting was considered a big deal in law enforcements eyes. It is now a felony in all 50
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