History Inevitability: Dred Scott Case

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"History inevitability", "Dred Scott Case" which is the immediate flashpoint of American Civil War, can be avoided? The different factors resulted in "Dred Scott Case" which were unavoidable. This event is a historical inevitability rather than a historical possibility. Ⅰ. The personal factor affects the decision of Chief Justice Roger B. Taney. A. The place where he from held the inherent idea about slaves. Tenny think Scott free will is the Fifth Amendment of serious violation, because this is in lack of the premise of the due process of law under the personal property of deprivation. Congress has no power to prohibit slavery, and to the grounds of violation of the constitution, should be designed to limit the expansion of slavery in 1820,…show more content…
"They had more than a century ago is considered to be inferior race, whether in social relations or in political relations are not with Caucasian par... Whether in moral or political, this is considered a 'axiom', no one will argue, and no one wants to refute." The principal founder of the thirteen colonies in North America is Britain, and the "involved in the slave trade than the world Ren any country deep". 1717 Maryland law, 1775 Massachusetts bill shows that occupy the dominant position of the actual situation is, these bills intended to build eternal insurmountable obstacle between the two races. For example, their marriage is not allowed, and more obvious argument is, even in the wedding will also face criminal penalties. Tenny think, all of these are consistent and lead to the same conclusion: Scott is not the constitution of the United States the significance of the Missouri citizens, therefore have no right to the court…show more content…
There are complex reasons for the occurrence of such a major event, but not a single factor. In fact, although the negative impact of the general, but the decision for the separation of the southern states did not have an indirect or direct role. However, Dred Scott decision for both sides in this country to bridge the differences that do nothing. On the contrary, it gives one of them a complete victory. Worse than that, it weakened the people's sovereignty theory of compromise and pushed the Republicans to a more extreme position, in fact, to accelerate the pace of the country's civil war. To make it worse, these flawed actions were made by the slave

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