History Is The Key Figure In The FFA History

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The FFA history goes back all the way back to 100 years and counting. The FFA history is a key figure in the what FFA is today. The roots FFA started from people loosing interest and leaving the farms (“FFA history”). In 1917, the Vocational Education Act was established creating vocational agricultural classes (“FFA history”). In 1925, the FFV, Future Farmers of Virginia, was organized for men in agricultural classes; this was a model for today’s Future Farmers of America (“FFA history”). In 1926, vocational agricultural students were
(“FFA History”) invited to attend and participate in the national contest of livestock judging (“FFA history”). In 1927, the first constitution and bylaws of the New Farmers of Virginia and an organization for …show more content…

In 1979 and 1980 the first FFA Extemporaneous Public Speaking event was held and the National FFA Foundation collected one million dollars in just one year (“FFA history”). This study proves that many things set to standards then are the same still to this day. In 1988 the Future Farmers of America altered the name to the National FFA Organization so it could indicate on the growing diversity in the agriculture industry, also middle schoolers were prompted to join the FFA, along with the Agriscience Student Recognition Program was established (“FFA history”). In the year 1989 and 1990, the Partners in Active Learning support program was launched and the National Future Farmer Magazine modified the name to FFA New Horizons (“FFA history”). In 1996 a couple of changes were made which was moving the National FFA Center from Virginia to Indianapolis, Indiana and moving the national FFA convention from Missouri to Louisville, Kentucky (“FFA history”). This provides information on how the FFA continues to become more known to members and guests. The National FFA Convention was sustained in Missouri for the last time in 1998 (“FFA history”). In 1999, the seventy-second National FFA Convention was held in Kentucky for the first time and also the first national Creed Speaking event was held. Middle school students were approved to get the Discovery FFA degree in 2000 and in 2002 the official dress standard were revised to what they are today (“FFA history”). In 2005, the national FFA foundation broke the mark of ten million dollars of collecting money for FFA programs and services (“FFA history”). In 2013, the membership reached to an all time high of five hundred seventy-nine thousand six hundred seventy-eight members in seven thousand five hundred seventy chapters (“FFA history”). The FFA has hundreds of ways to get involved

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