History Of Anti-Asian Racism

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Jasmine Vohra Mr. Stevens
APUSH March 2018
Anti-Asian Racism To be a new group introduced to the Euro-American inhabitants of the United States means to experience animosities and hostilities that keep in pattern with a primarily racist past, as Asian-Americans have come to know. From early trade relations with China to the Vietnam War era, xenophobic sentiment from the part of the United States had remained consistent. However, in more recent times, Anti-Asian racism has evolved to take shape in an unprecedented way through the myth of the “model minority”. This idea essentially praises Asians for achieving more socioeconomic success than their other minority counterparts. The myth of the “model minority” is ultimately a stereotypical portrayal of Asian Americans that invites anti-Asian racism in a unique way, as it masquerades as flattery and something that is desirable, which makes it all the more difficult to entirely reject the idea from society. While some view the concept as a compliment towards Asians as they are automatically considered academically advanced, through its pseudoscientific connotations and enabling of microagressions, along with psychological impacts, the model minority myth is but the latest manifestation of a long history of anti-Asian racism. The earliest interactions between the United States and China may be regarded as the foundation of a long history of anti-Asian tendencies. The United States’ trade

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