Advantages And Disadvantage Of Authentic Leadership

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Leader authenticity.
Authentic leadership is a recent approach to leadership with research in its infancy. The focus of authentic leadership is to show true leadership that different conditions may need. Several scholars have described authentic leadership in a variety of ways. Most of the definitions agreed that authentic leadership is a results-driven leadership approach (Gardner et al., 2005).
Authenticity is an important trait that defines true leadership. The legitimacy of a leader can be developed by enhancing the relationship between the leader and his subjects. The origin of authentic leadership can be traced back to Greek philosophy where ethics and human values are intertwined. Self-awareness, self-regulation, and the adoption of
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The process of learning embodied leadership involves embracing the diverse ways that can help an individual shape their leadership strategy. A body/mind approach empowers inexperienced leaders to view the body as a spring of knowledge and power. Embodied leadership enhances an individual’s authenticity in ways that straightforwardly affect their capacity to act in the workplace and other settings (Wenger & Snyder, 2000). Mastering embodied leadership also builds an unchanging voice that enables leaders to stand firm for themselves as well as other people and resolve conflicts (Wang et al., 2005).
Somatic practices influence the body framework in ways that subjective procedures alone cannot achieve. Such practices manage "a route in" that effectively links the psyche and the body and develops a profound knowledge about the highest form of selfhood (Blake, 2009). Independently and in gatherings, leaders who practice somatic procedures will work intuitively with posture, body mindfulness, movement, relationship and correspondence designs that will encourage positive consciousness (Gibson et al.,
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Therefore, it is important to learn how to properly react to distressing factors and decrease their impact. The way that a person handles the challenges exposed to them depends on their cognitive ability and emotional intelligence. The embodiment of leadership is one of the most valuable approaches that every leader ought to learn. This is because embodiment leadership helps leaders develop their emotional intelligence that reduces the impact of stress. An individual's ability to recognize and control emotions is a measure of emotional intelligence (Wenger & Snyder,

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