History Of Badminton

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HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT OF BADMINTON Badminton was played in Malaysia as early as 1809. The badminton game known as Poona at that time was played for the first time in Pulau Pinang, by officials of the East India Company, at the residence of Captain Francis Light. The effect of this history can still be seen at the Methodist Boys School in Ayer Hitam. In Penang Museum there are pictures of some women and also British officials were playing a game of Poona or badminton. In the early stages of the game, there is no legal or rules that can be used as a guide to the game. Those who played were only simply banging, their invention badminton. But the game they have managed to attract some of the residents there. In 1934 the International Badminton Federation (IBF) was established. This federal act as the sole body responsible for special to all the game of badminton in the world. On 11 November 1934, the Badminton Association of Malaya was established. President Woods is the first J.L of Perak. At the same time known as Malaya A. Samuel made it to the all-tournament semifinals in England. In 1953 - 1957 Eddy Choon. All singles matches won four England and raised the nameMalaya. In 1949 and 1992 Thomas Cup Malaya.Badminton sport grow in 1992 in Barcelona, badminton became official event in the Olympic Games. Rashid Sidek won the Bronze Medal and two pairs received silver and bronze medals at the Olympic Games1996. Akademi Badminton Malaysia (ABM) was established in 1992. One of

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