History Of Baking In The Philippines

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I-INTRODUCTION The research topic are The history of baking in abroad and the history of baking in the Philippines. The purpose in this study is to help the researchers learn to create international baked goods and it will help the researchers learn about the history and traditions surrounding the art of baking.
II-Foreign literature and related studies According to Grazione TU(2012) Germany prides itself on having the largest variety of breads worldwide more than 300 basic kinds of bread are produced with more than 1000 types of small bread rolls and pastries.It has been estimated that the basic kinds of breads are so widely varied by more than 16,000 local bakeries that more than 1,000 different breads have been presented at a 2005 cologne bread show germans are worldwide the biggest consumers per capital of bread followed by chile.According to Emma Mason(2013) Baking is a luxury few are able to enjoy but for those who can afford a wood burning stove and to heat it you would start with bread. “Oven are not a standard fixture in any household so bread baking never really entered the home in the medieval period.It was niche commercial activity for example you had bread bakers in London” Dr.Pennel said.According to Prof Walter (2013) The rich ate fine,floured wheat bread but if you were poor you cut your teeth on rye and black bread.This was subsistence-focused baking with an emphasis on bread and pies.According to Valon Xoxa(2014) anyone who likes to

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