History Of Brigitte Bardot

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Qui est-ce Brigitte Bardot Fact One Brigitte Anne– Marie Bardot was born on September 28, 1934 (age 81), in Paris Fact Two Brigitte Bardot is a French dancer, model and actress who was once an international icon in the 1950’s and 50’s with films And God Created Women and Contempt Fact Three Brigitte Bardot is a Breast Cancer survivor Fact Four Brigitte Bardot retired as an actress when she was 39 and then became a full time animal activist Audrey Tautou Fact One Audrey Tautou was born in France on 9th August, 1976. Fact Two Audrey acted for the first time on television when she was 18 and when she turned 19 she landed a role in the hit movie “Venus Beauty Institute, ” for which she won the Cesar award for most promising actress. Fact Three As a child Audrey was interested in becoming an actor and made great efforts to learn acting from an early age. Fact Four Over the years, she has also been very successful in the world of modeling appearing as the face of global brands like “Marie Claire” and “Vogie”. Vanessa Paradis Fact One Paradis dropped out of high school when she was just 16 years old. She dropped out so she could pursue her career in singing and music. Fact Two Vanessa Chantal Paradis was born

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