History Of Bursa Malaysia

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Securities Commission (SC) is the statutory body holding the responsibility of regulating and developing the capital market in Malaysia while act as an agent of Minister of Finance on matters related to the Malaysia capital market. The SC was established under the Securities Commission Act 1993. It is an independent statutory authority in term of funding as its income is from the collection of tax and application fees. On the other hand, Bursa Malaysia which previously known as Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange is a self-regulatory organization with its own Memorandum and Articles of Association. The main purpose of Bursa Malaysia was to improve competitiveness and responsiveness of Malaysian exchange sector to global trends. It acts as an enforcer…show more content…
Bursa Malaysia Depositary Sdn Bhd was formally known as Malaysian Central Depository Sdn. Bhd. It was incorporated in the year 1987 and operates as a subsidiary of Bursa Malaysia. The main purpose of this subsidiaries is to maintain a central depository for securities listed on the Malaysia securities exchange. Besides, Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad that changed its name from Malaysian Derivative Exchange (MDEX) was formed during June 2001 through the merger of the Kuala Lumpur Options and Financial Futures Exchange (KLOFFE) and the Commodity and Monetary Exchange of Malaysia (COMMEX Malaysia). The corporation was to offer and preserve a futures and options exchange. The clearing activities for futures and option was carried out by the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Clearing…show more content…
The company only need to disclose 3-month forecast on their earning although the regulation required for three years estimation results. The detailed prospectus are required to submit to the SC and Bursa Malaysia. Generally, the assessment and registration process of IPO take about 60 working days for main market application, or 40 working days for large capitalization companies. The IPO prospectus for second board, which is the ACE market is subject to review of the SC and the process took about 40 working days. The different number of days between this two markets was because the SC needed to look into details for both IPO proposal and IPO prospectus for main market applications to ensure the compliance of the issuer with the guidelines provided. On the other hand, the SC only needed to review on the prospectus for ACE market applications and so enables time

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