History Of Calda Pizza

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Calda Pizza
Calda Pizza is just one of the many pizza houses in the Philippines. With popular and international brands of pizza chains all over the place, why it still stands out from the others?
For almost 8 years in the food industry, Calda Pizza has not just offered ordinary pizzas. Rather, it opened new whole concept of pizza for Filipino Taste. By taste, we mean considering not just the flavours but the quality and quantity over a just price.
For a fact, let’s admit it, Filipinos love to eat and we even more love to eat with buddies or in a larger company. That is how Calda Pizza captured its loyal customers. They conceptualize unique pizzas that will really catch the market wants. Its pizza is inspired from Italy’s but only that it
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It was established by couple Mr. Bernard G. Palang and Frances Therese at Mandaue City Cebu. Just in few months, Calda Pizza had its very first pizza outlet at Lahug, Cebu City. With the quality of the pizza they are offering, Calda Pizza has increased its demands from the locals. This paved the way to many more company-owned outlets and franchises all over the country today. Together with their mission to make delicious pizza in affordable prices complemented with quality service, they are still aiming to expand more throughout the country in giving customers a whole new experience with pizza…show more content…
This type is with tomato sauce, infused with its traditional ingredients like ham, mozzarella cheese, bell peppers, and pineapple cutlets, just perfect for those who want to have sweet and sour savour. To those who have more complicated taste buds, Calda Pizza offers you 3S pizza, a mix of Sweet, Spicy & Salty ingredients. Vegetariani Pizza is also perfect to all vegetarian and those who want to try all out veggies. But if you want to experience more flavours in just one order, then try the Quattro Stagione. It is a combined pizza in four different kinds; Bologness, Hawaiian, Etna and the Calda. This is one exciting pizza to have especially with your friends. It promises a set of appetizing

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