History Of Campaign Finance Reform

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Campaign finance reform, involves the political effort throughout the United States of America in order to make a change. For example change in the involvement of money invested into politics, more specifically in political campaigns. The history of the campaign reform started back with President Jackson and continued to be an issue up until the Citizen United versus the FEC in 2010. The issue comes down to money in politics. Some might agree with, money is a corrupting influence that leads to what is known as quid pro quo, the corrupting influence money has on politicians by getting the politicians to do them things in favor. On the controversy, people my say money and politics are an issue of free speech. Being an issue of free speech…show more content…
The Pendleton act influenced the Corporations, the name for it was the Pennsylvania Idea. In the late 1800s’ senators, mainly republicans senators, the republicans that wanted to become president. For example William McKinley raised money by going directly to the corporations and ask them if you give me the money and past a favorable legislation or vise versa stop negative legislation, whatever it is in order for you to wrake in the big dollars. Teddy Roosevelt disagreed on what president William McKinley did after his assassination, Roosevelt made it his mission to regulate as well as making it completely fair in competition system in Capitalism. Teddy Roosevelt believed that money in politics was a negative influence in campaigns. Later in 1907 Teddy Roosevelt signs the Tillman Act which was the first federal legislation that really impacts the idea behind campaign influence. The Tillman Act banned Corporations from receiving money directly from candidates. The Tillman Act was later expanded in 1947 with the Taft-Hartley Act. This banned labor unions from giving money directly to the candidates. The money in the politics resulted badly and later was…show more content…
This is where the people who are in favor of the quid pro quo would say I spend the money, win you the election and you pass me the favorable legislation. In sum the Reform Act was expanded the disclosure on soft money and change some limits on hard money. It put an end to campaign adds 30 days before election and 60 days before a primary. The FECA and the Reform Act are both later challenged in the Citizens United issue. Citizen United wanted to make a film production in 2008. The movie is called Hillary the Movie. It is about Hillary and Obama’s campaign against each other and in the end make hillary look really bad. In the defense of the Citizen United they thought it was a simple commercial enterprise. A movie they created and made with their money. So they wanted to show the movie on local television stations with advertisements for the movie. That is where they went wrong. Under the Campaign Reform Act is states you can not advertising to brainwash people to influence the
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