History Of Celebrity Endorsement

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In today’s dynamic and intense competitive market situation, survival of the fittest is the new mantra. There has been a shift from the traditional concept of “Seller’s market” to the new and emerging concept of “Buyer’s market”. The customer is the king in today’s context. In India, both the MNCs and the domestic players are leaving no stone unturned to connect their brand with their target audience.

Companies are concentrating on international markets for a number of reasons. Many companies in the United States and Western Europe have recognized that their domestic markets offer them limited opportunities for expansion because of slow population growth, saturated markets, intense competition and /or unfavorable marketing environment. Most
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Celebrities generally differ from the social norm and enjoy a high degree of public awareness.

The reason for using celebrities for endorsements is their huge potential influence. Compared to other endorsers, famous people achieve a higher degree of attention and recall. They increase awareness of a company’s advertising, create positive feelings towards brands, and are perceived by consumers as more entertaining. Using a celebrity in advertising is therefore likely to positively affect consumer’s brand attitude and purchase intentions.


This project aims to look at the history of celebrity endorsements, and the legal issues regarding celebrity endorsements which have emerged in the past few years.


In the Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, D. Slesinger and M. Stephension have defined research as “the manipulation of things, concepts or symbols for the purpose of generalizing to extend, correct or verify knowledge, whether that knowledge aids in the construction of theory or in the practice of an
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An advertisement related to the health of consumers can not be treated at par with a fictitious TV series or a Bollywood film. They have to be beholden towards society morally as well as legally. So, it is the legal as well as social duty of celebrities to draw a line between the products they should endorse and which not. A recent example of this can be of Kangana Ranaut, who refused to endorse a fairness cream because according to her being dark complexioned is not a social stigma and must not be considered inferior. Cases of Sachin Tendulkar refusing to endorse alcohol or P. Gopichand refusing to endorse cigarettes clearly show that the celebrities should be clearly be aware of their responsibility and should not be

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