History Of Codification Of English Language

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Fawziya M KH Aldeehani

Codification can be defined linguistically as the process and technique of standardizing and developing a norm for languages such as English, French , Russian and other famous written languages all over the world. The process of codification of English language has some historical roots. Most English printed texts in sixteenth and seventeenth centuries used the standard variety. Codification is thought that it can be traced back to the eighteenth century. Linguists believe that codification is an ongoing process or continuous one but, "the most important period of codification in English language was probably the 18th century, It is reported that grammar of English was codified during that period of time. It was accompanied by prescriptive forms for pronunciation. Codifying any language is vary from one case to another and depends on the stage of standardization which is existed in every single and different language. It is also one of the final stages in the process of Standardization of any language. Some writers define "Codification" as "the laying down of rules for the language in grammars and dictionaries which would serve as handbooks for its speakers".

Codification of any language is connected to important item "orthography". Orthography is the methodology used to write any language which includes rules needed for punctuation, spelling, capitalization, word breaks, and emphasis, Noah Webster (1789, 1828) initiated
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