History Of Corruption In FIFA

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1. Introduction

Corruption in FIFA has a very long history of bribery and money laundering, but it was never taken seriously until last year when a large number of FIFA officials were arrested over corruption scandal. When in May 2011 president Sepp Blatter was asked about the crisis in FIFA he sarcastically answered “Crisis? What crisis? We are only in some difficulties.”, four years later in December 2015 FIFA independent ethics committee banned him from all FIFA related activities for 8 years (it was reduced to 6 years in February 2016).

In this paper, we will start with a history about football and FIFA which is the international governing body of association football showing how it transformed from being a sport intended to bring health and happiness to people into a multibillion dollar business that has numerous ethical issues. Then we will look in depth into the corruption scandal that FIFA recently faced and caused a huge chaos in the football world and shocked millions of fans around the globe.

At the end, we will try to find answers for some serious questions such as “What is the impact of FIFA corruption scandal on enterprise ethics and how other enterprises could and/or should learn from it?”, “How did it affect governments and societies?”, “Why it was brought to light now?”, “What is the use of having a code of ethics if it is violated so easily by high ranking officials?”, etc. 2. History

Evidence shows that modern day football was started in Britain. The
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