History Of Cosmetology

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As a cosmetologist, you have to know what the in-looks are and what is in the past of the current hairstyles. Now the history of cosmetology is a long road to the very beginning of the human species, with every technique that we know of today, with less technology (“History of Cosmetology”). Even back then a cosmetologist had responsibilities they had to pursue in order for their business or their community to function well. For a cosmetologist to be socially responsible in this world is to be up to date on current fashions and looks, know about the products being used, and to ensure the clients safety and to be sure the facility is sanitary, resulting in gaining clientele.
For one to be social responsible would mean for the person to entail
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One factor is to know the latest trends on hairstyles for every type of hair patterns and hair textures. In order to determine how to even style or manage the hair type a hair stylist might experience requires training. The careers in cosmetology are looked over by State Board in each state with their administering policies, education, and licensing requirements. Cosmetologists must graduate from a cosmetology training program which requires a minimum number of hours training (Michael). Once a student has successfully completed their course to earn their cosmetology license, they have the choice of on focusing on one particular area in the field or do everything the profession offers. The options they can choose from are to be makeup artists, hair stylists, nail technicians, or estheticians (Huntington). A makeup artist works with colors to apply cosmetic products to their clients’ faces and even provide skin care treatments. A hair stylist maintains and basically styles the clients hair to their desired liking. A nail technician performs treatments on the hands, nails, and feet - generally manicures and pedicures- and also including aromatherapy treatments and massages to the areas. As for the estheticians they provide services of skin care treatments, massages, and hair removal treatments to the client (Huntington). Every position that is offered in the cosmetology field is an element that offers society benefits for them to feel better, to be more approachable towards others, and builds up self confidence (Woods). Often clients look up to their favorite celebrities to know what is trending and what hairstyle they would want next. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna, Beyonce, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian have to be the most popular current

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