History Of Cultural Intelligence

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Cultural Intelligence
Cultural intelligence is defined as the ability to adjust to new and different cultural settings. It is also known as the capability to cooperate effectively with other people from a dissimilar cultural background and understanding.
Cultural Intelligence, cultural quotient or CQ, is a term used in business, education, government and academic research. Cultural intelligence can be understood as the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures.
Originally, the term cultural intelligence and the abbreviation "CQ" was developed by the research done by Soon Ang and Linn Van Dyne as a researched-based way of measuring and predicting intercultural performance.
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Motivational CQ
3. Behavioral CQ
Meta-cognitive CQ is an individual’s cultural consciousness and awareness during interactions with those from different cultural backgrounds. It is based on high level cognitive strategies and deep information processing that allows individuals to develop heuristics for social interaction across cultural contexts.
Metacognitive CQ involves slowing down long enough to carefully observe what’s going on inside our own and other people’s heads. It’s the ability to think about our own thought processes and draw upon our cultural knowledge to understand a different cultural context and solve problems in that situation. It includes whether we can use our cultural knowledge to plan an appropriate strategy, accurately interpret what’s going on in a cross-cultural situation, and check to see if our expectations are accurate or if our mental model of that particular person and/or culture should be revised.
Cognitive CQ is the knowledge dimension of cultural intelligence. It refers to the leader’s level of understanding about culture and culture’s role in shaping the way to do business and interact with others across cultural contexts. Your cognitive CQ or knowledge is based upon the degree to which you understand the idea of culture and how it shapes the way you think and behave. It also includes your overall understanding of the ways that cultures vary from one context to the
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This in itself is a benefit, but it has more advantages.
• Improved cross-cultural communication and relationship: As a result of increasing your cultural intelligence you will experience improved cross-cultural communication, relationship building and better conflict resolution. As well as, enhanced teamwork, leadership, negotiation and decision making skills.
• Increase in responsiveness to cultural differences: Increasing your CQ enhances your sensitivity to cultural differences, which consequently reduces your use of overly simplistic stereotypes. This is through a better appreciation and understanding of cultural differences. A high CQ also helps to reduce cultural misunderstandings.
• Increase in organizational effectiveness: Not only does a heightened CQ increase your individual effectiveness in a cross-cultural setting, it also increases overall organizational effectiveness. Think about it, if you as an individual are now more effective in cross-cultural settings and have a heightened job performance as a result of improving your CQ, this should also improve
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