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Dance Education in Hong Kong Tertiary Institutions After the Handover

Hong Kong has introduced foreign dance education since the 1980s and 1990s, more tertiary institutions, primary and secondary schools have introduced dance education or related courses as extracurricular activities. There is neither primary nor secondary school in Hong Kong dedicated for professional dance education as the dance schools in the Mainland of China. Instead, some primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong have incorporated dance education into their regular courses.

On the other side, as for the tertiary institution regarding dance education in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts established in 1984 offers practice-based and professional
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In addition, there are some part-time dance-related courses offered by the University of Hong Kong or other institutions.

Challenges of School Dance Education in Hong Kong
(a) "Hardware" of School
Firstly, due to the insufficient supply of land in Hong Kong, the buildings of local primary and secondary schools are generally small. Many schools merge student activity room with dance room into a multi-purpose activity room. The situation can also be found in tertiary institutions. Some schools may also have to rent the venue of the commercial dance organization for dance activities. Overall, the "hardware" is the first issue needs to be addressed in promoting school dance education in Hong Kong primary and secondary schools.

(b) "Software" of School
Lack of qualified dance teachers is a major problem in school dance education. Additional resources is always required to hire school teachers or external dance teachers to provide on-school extracurricular services for dance activities. Teachers in the school can only provide assistance to rehearsal and management to dance

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