History Of Democracy In Indonesia

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Democracy is a necessity to a nation that has been constructing the order of the state and the political system. Essentially democracy is just a tool for a nation to achieve the goal of the nation, because democracy is also the process of every aspect of the nation and state life that has been accommodate and then develop to become the constitutional base and the nation way to build the people. Therefore democracy has to be understood as a whole piece of the constitution and political history of the nation. In a journey of a nation, the phenomena of democracy development can be use as a benchmark of the dynamics development of the constitution, law, and politics of the nation. Realizing the growth of the democracy we can see it from the historical phenomena of the nation journey and also the growth of the political and law system of the nation. The history wrote that every nation that has the democracy view in the constitution and the civics system undergo a dynamics growth and fluctuation of the democracy form, therefore understanding the development phenomena of the democracy in Indonesia , should be start from the history of Indonesia independence , especially the history of the Indonesia diplomacy and civics development. Introduction: Almost every nation in the world believed democracy as a irrefutable benchmark of the political authenticity. This confidence that the people wills are the main base for the robustness of the political democracy system. This things show

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