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Draught beer, also spelt draft, is beer served from a cask or keg rather than from a bottle or can. Canned draught is beer served from a pressurised container containing a widget.Smooth flow (also known as cream flow, nitrokeg or smooth) is the name brewers give to draught beers pressurised with a partial nitrogen gas blend.

Draft beer is known as a form of fresh and flavorful beer on tap from a kegerator system. This form of beer is mostly served in restaurants and or bars as flavorful and inexpensive beer. The word Draft comes from the word “Draught” which means to pull from a cask with a hand pump. Draught beer often comes from containers 5 gallons or less and is often reffered as beer on tap. Pasteurization process is the
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The Global Beer Manufacturing industry has demonstrated impressive growth over the past five years, with emerging markets experiencing growth in overall sales volume and developed markets showing greater purchases of high-margin craft beer products.

Beer Market in India 2014-2018
About Beer
The Alcohol market in India can be divided into four categories:IMFL (Indian made foreign liquor) CL (Country Liquor), Beer, and Imported Liquor.
The Beer segment is the fastest growing Alcoholic segment in India by consumption and revenue share.In India, beer is one of the fastest growing markets and is highly consumed by the people in India because of their growing disposable income, the increasing young population, and the rapid urbanization-taking place in the country.
Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd .is India’s third largest beer company.TechNavio's analysts forecast the Beer market in India will grow at a CAGR of 16.94 percent and 14.57 percent on the basis of revenue and volume, respectively, over the period 2013-2018.
Top beer brands in India

• Heineken
• Budweiser
• Guinness
• Carlsberg
• Coors
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The alcohol industry is also highly taxed and regulated and struggles with multiplicity of taxes and lack of uniformity in the regulations varying from state to state. The industry is also burdened with unjustified pricing of its products. Beer, although containing less alcohol, is taxed in the same manner as strong spirits which in turn makes beer expensive in India. The industry also faces moral restrictions due to religious influence by some groups, particularly of a religious nature. These groups have tried to ban alcohol altogether and have made its consumption into a sin. Despite such challenges Indian market is full of opportunities with its extremely low per capita consumption of beer when compared to other countries in the world. India consumes mere 1.64 litres beer per person which very small number compared to countries like China and US which consumes 37 litres and 78 litres of beer per person respectively. Urbanization has helped in giving much needed acceptance to the concept of social drinking in the nation .Factors such a favorable demographics, rising disposable incomes, urbanization and rising acceptability of drinking have brought the winds of change for the industry.

In India the future of beer industry is very much optimistic because:
1. India has predominantly a warm/hot climate
2. The beer-drinkers in the country are

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