Theory Of Ecofeminism

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Introduction: Ecofeminism is a two-edged sword which deals with the suppression and oppression of women and Nature. Both have been dominated and exploited by patriarchal society – women by men and nature by culture. To liberate nature from culture and women from men some nondominant groups seek to fight against male-dominant society. Ecofeminism evolved from feminist movements as an end to all the oppression and suppression of women and nature. Ecofeminism is a theory that has evolved from various fields of feminist inquiry and activism: peace movements, labour movements, women’s health care, and the anti-nuclear, environmental, and animal liberation movements. Drwing the insights of ecology, feminism, and socialism, ecofeminism’s…show more content…
It started as a social and political movement in the twentieth century against environmental destruction and suppression and oppression of women. Since the origin of the Earth, Man started exploiting the fertile earth trying to make her barren. Thus man sapped the ultimate source of our life. In the name of civilization. Man has almost ‘deserted’ her. Ecofeminists equate nature with women who are the producers of life. They urge us to protect nature as we face natural hazards everyday like earthquakes, tsunami, floods, shortage of rainfall, draoght, famine, imbalances of climate etc. Man has taken everything he wanted from the earth to enjoy a luxurious life and left her barren. Man thinks that he is the ultimate power in the universe who can control the other genus and species. Because of man’s lustful desires he butchers beautiful nature, he devastates the massive life sources and finally he struggles to do something for the future generation to exist on earth. Ecocriticism erupted as an option to find solutions to the problems of exploitation of the Earth. Ecocriticism is a study of the relationship between literature and nature. It was introduced in 1970 by William Rueckert in the World Literary Association in the USA and later it was strengthened by Cheryll Glotfelty. Glotfelty relates Nature with everything. She has beautifully illuminated this in her work (edited with Harold Fromm) The Ecocriticism Reader: Landmark in Literary Ecology, “Everything is connected with everything
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