History Of Education In The Philippines

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Intro: Education is the process when people learn in order to enhance their knowledge and understanding in things. Ever since we were all children, our parents really wanted us to learn and formulate our own ideas to make our lives more bright and colorful by giving us the gift of education. Education is a very significant and important aspect of life because it enables us to take in new ideas that have been passed through from person to person as the days, weeks, months, years, decades, and centuries pass by. From learning the alphabet and counting numbers from one to a hundred in kindergarten, education really expands its gift to the point where we learn even more complex things like language, history, religion, philosophy, science, and mathematics. Once we all graduate from college in the future, us students will start to learn the true meaning of life and its inevitable challenges that we are all destined to take in order to make our society a better place not only for us citizens, but for the entire world that surrounds our country. When we speak about Philippine history, we learn about the many things that happened during our country’s past. Over those years, our country has been experiencing many changes that created a new world and society that we have today. Those memories of our country are stories that will never be erased because they have left a mark in our country’s history. Memories such as the Americans colonizing the Philippines left a mark in our

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