What Is Fashion Like In The Victorian Era

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What was the fashion like in Victorian England and what was worn often in the era? The Victorian century had altered throughout the years, with V shaped necklines, to long dresses, to full dresses, and to flat dresses. The Victorian era can be categorized by the decades of fashion, crinolines, hoop skirts, cosets, and age and gender.
The early and late fashion of Victorian England. The early fashion of Victorian century included long skirts and necklines shaped in many different ways. For women, wide and long skirts, and V shaped necklines were popular. For example, little girls square neckline and bodices, and dresses went to mid calf, so the shoes and stockings were visible (Cassin-Scott 119). Furthermore, the late fashion included flat
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Who designs clothing and what was it like? Mostly clothing designers were male because they designed the clothing they wanted to see the women wearing (Prince 2). Additionally, clothing was made to look good but not to be comfortable (Prince 2). Undergarments and Accessories were very popular throughout the years and were worn often. For example, the crinoline was made out of whalebone, wire or horsehair, it was laced up very tightly, and women often passed out because they could not breath that well wearing it. In fact it would take at least two people to to put it on and it was and were very heavy. In 1867, bustles took over crinolines (Joshi 3). In the 1890’s bustles and crinolines were not used as much (Joshi 4). And a later invention, the hoop skirt, took over crinolines, they were also lightweight and less expensive, and also were comfortable (Monet 7). Undergarments were often uncomfortable and tight, most women wore them to have there desired waist shape. In conclusion, Victorian era fashion can be separated in several groups. Including, age or gender, the early or late era, and accessories or undergarments. Most clothing items were replaced throughout the era, some pieces were taken over by items designed to make it better for the person wearing the piece. To conclude, the Victorian England fashion had longer dresses for women, as well as teenagers, while younger girls had short dresses. Males wore suits and little boys would wear dresses until a certain

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