History Of Feminism

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Background Information Feminism is an age old belief system that has been actively transforming and developing over the span of the last two hundred years. It can find its roots back to the mid-1800s and has been a word used since, to describe a movement of people who believed in or hoped to achieve the political, economic, cultural, personal, and social equality of women. Feminism made its first notable ‘appearance’ at the close of the nineteenth century in the form of the suffragette movement; a movement that’s sole purpose was giving voting rights to women. Over the years the feminist movement has evolved and progressed, eventually reaching to women of all caste, creed, colour and culture, prompting them to challenge the societal and religious …show more content…

As we know, religion has shaped the mentality of society and continues to do that to this very day. Religious books and scriptures have long influenced what we as a society consider normal or ethical, so it hardly comes as a surprise to hear that a movement that helps women, break away from the mould of these traditions have gained its own fair share of adversaries. Christian, Hindu and Muslim religious texts have much to say about the role of women in society, a lot of which contradicts feminist ideology. For example, there have only been a smattering of notable female figures present in Christian and Muslim religious stories/texts (such as Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, and Fatimah daughter of Muhammad who is considered to be an example of the ideal Muslim women) in comparison to a much larger collection of male founders/important characters (such as Abraham, Moses, Muhammad, Abu Bakr, etc…) Hinduism on the contrary, being a …show more content…

Feminism trumps Religion One outcome in the clash between Feminism and Religion is that Feminists manage to eradicate religion as a whole. Making all religious practices, ceremonies, etc… illegal under the belief that religion is merely an instrument of oppression and something that causes barriers in society and worsens the lives of many; especially women. 2. Religion trumps Feminism Another outcome to the conflict between these two beliefs is that Religion succeeds in bringing down Feminism thus allowing society to function under the influence of the patriarchy. This will result in women losing the right to voice their views when it comes to issues regarding marriage, sexuality, health, etc… Solutions 1. I believe, in this situation, one solution would be to create awareness about the finer aspects of religion: for instance, how it has contributed much to society in the form of hospitals, orphanages, nursing homes, and schools. Along with that religious activists must show how religion has given many people great happiness and a sense of belonging/community. This shows that religion has the potential to be a force of good, and that oppression is a religion itself and cannot be associated the core principles of every religion. Religious leaders/people, in this situation, must show the world that bringing one belief down to uplift another is not a solution, for the two beliefs must put aside their differences and work hand in hand to battle

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