History Of Feminism In The Philippines

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Feminism is based on social, political, and economical equality for women. It can also be called as a movement for people who want peace and equality in the world with no boundaries. Feminists in different parts of the world grow bigger and bigger as time goes by. Most people say that feminism is only for women who fight for their rights. But, they are wrong. Based on the survey held by YouGov.com, 35% of American women say they are feminists before they read the definition of “feminism” in the dictionary, and become 69% after some read the definition of it. On the other hand, 15% of American males, who are not commonly part of the so called movement, say they are feminist before seeing the definition of it and grow to 51% after consulting the meaning of “feminism” in the dictionary. There are lots of Feminists organizations around the globe, particularly, in the Philippines. Each and every organization has their different ways on fighting for equality. Also, they have perceptions in different things – some may approve on this one, and some may not. In line with this, this study focuses on different perspectives of selected feminist organizations on the character portrayal of women in local independent films in the Philippines.
Film, frequently called motion picture or movie, by its general definition is a progression of still pictures indicated at the same time to reproduce the hallucination of development. Consistently, film has differentiated into two

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