History Of Flappers In The 1920's

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Flappers In the 1920’s, a new woman and following a new era was born. Women were no longer scared to express themselves or to act different. They smoked, drank, and voted. They cut their hair, they’d get all dolled up and do their makeup, and they went to parties. They took risks. They did things that other women would never think of doing before. These fashionable young women during the 1920’s were known as flappers. The term “flappers” originated from Great Britain. These women were on diets to get the right shape of their body for their outfits they would wear when they went out places. Flappers became the image that represented the tremendous change in women’s lives during that time period. When America became a part of the flapper trends it spreaded like crazy. Many were getting sick and tired of not being treated fairly like the rest of the people and they wanted thing to change that. One of the first ever flappers was Zelda Fitzgerald. One of the origins of the flappers was called the Gibson girl. The Gibson girl changed the styles of their clothing and their patterns of the clothing they wore. They basically changed their lifestyles they lived in.
The 1920’s marked the end of World War I. On June 4, 1919 Congress passed the law where women were given the right to vote. World war I is often labeled as the cause of the rise of the women. This was also another thing that led to the movement of the flappers. They represented someone as their own person. The rise

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