History Of Gangs: Dark City Of Detroit

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It was June the twenty-fifth in the dark city of Detroit. The streets were filled with violence,drugs,sex and the sound of police sirens looming in the distance. In Detroit the Bloods and Crips are at large and according to police anyone that had a darker colour of skin than them were either a Blood or a Crip. Thugs and gangsters weren't the only criminals in the city at night , the police were too; the only difference is that they had permission kill.

Hate crime by police officers was one of the leading causes of deaths in Detroit, many of the people killed had not even committed a crime, they just looked like they did. A resident of the neighbourhood that went by the name
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One day James was sitting on a cold stone wall watching everything happen in front of his eyes, he would stare and concentrate on what was happening, he could see illegal activity going on such as drug deals and violent attacks but he was used to all this considering he grew up with it all his life. He knew what they were doing was illegal and that the police would stop it... until tonight. James seen a violent street fight between 3 members of the blood gang and 3 members of the crip gang. As James and Barry were watching they would hear the police sirens creeping closer and closer towards the street they was sitting in. The police cars stopped and 4 police men came out of the car with their guns drawn as if they were going into battle. The guns started to fire at the gang members, there was no attempt at stopping the fight, rifles were roaring and rupturing the gang members skin as their bodies slowly fell to the ground. Blood was drizzled all over the pavement. The loud noises suddenly stopped. Everyone was dead and the policemen were away. This is when Barry and James discovered what the screaming…show more content…
They were peer pressured into it. James and Barry walked up to an elderly man that looked innocent and lost, they walked up to him with a gentle swagger and Barry pulled a knife from underneath his mud stained hoodie. James and Barry felt excited they felt as if they ruled the world and started to grin at each other as the elderly man handed over his savings until a police car drove by with two officers in the front seats, They spotted James and Barry and got out of their car to chase them, James ran like a cheetah whilst Barry fell behind like a lions prey. The police officers eventually caught Barry and pounced on him and grabbed his throat tightly and wouldn't let go of him whilst the other officer continued to bludgeon him relentlessly with his baton. James turned round to see an empty street with only a body in the middle of the pavement, a stone cold body with choke marks around the neck, Barry had died because of these 'Criminals of Permission'.

The death of Barry had caused outrage in the black community which resulted in protests and anti police attacks that lead to more innocent lives being
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