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History of the United States
On July the 4th, 1776 the United States declared its independence from Great Britain who had colonized the United States since 1607.
Britain didn’t accept the declaration but they could do nothing to stop it, because an armed revolution already emerged, the revolutionary war lasted from 1775-1783 and with the help of France, Spain, Netherlands and Prussia they allowed the 13 colonies to remain independent.
The first attempt of democracy in the United States failed because the states where so powerful and it was hard to make them function.
The American civil war divided the United States into Northern State (Union) and Southern State (confederacy) due to issue on slavery and the power of the federal government. As
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The United States is a federal republic, consisting of 50 states and 5 inhabited territories, where the power is shared by the President, the Congress and the federal courts.
Power is both horizontal and vertical. Legislative, Executive and Judicial constitute the horizontal power whereas National, State and Local Governments constitute the
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Districts are drawn once every 10 years unless they are legally challenged and after being drawn they have to be presented to the federal court to get the acceptance, Gerrymandering is the word used for drawing the districts some districts are drawn in a very controversial way and affects majorly the way elections go, so you may be a representing district 10 and suddenly Gerrymandering makes you represent district 9.
Gerrymandering should be based on politics and not race although many cases are based on race.
Currently the House of Representatives is controlled by the Republicans; they have 247 members out of 435.
B. The Senate consists of 100 members that are divided equally among the 50 states; each state no matter what is the population gets 2 members. Each senator serves for a six year term, and each two years almost one third of the senate stands for election. Republicans also control the senate with 54 seats out of
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