History Of Golf Essay

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Its Par-tee Time
If there is one thing that Americans have in common, it is sports. Almost every single American is a sports fan somehow, whether it is football, basketball, or soccer. These are all difficult sports, but the dark horse of all sports is one that most people would never even think of: golf. Golf isn’t just a hobby for rich, old, white men who are going through a midlife crisis, golf is most definitely a sport, if not, one of the most difficult sports to play because it takes a lot of time to actually require the skills and master golf and it can cause injuries that will remain with the player for the rest of their life.
For those cretins who don’t know what golf is, it is a sport where you take a four foot metal rod with a head
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Aren’t those sports that require a lot of endurance and strength?” asks the common lad with a Tom Brady jersey on. Yes, boxing and football does take a lot of energy, but any athletic person with enough endurance can pull off scoring a touchdown or a knockout punch. Golf is the kind of sport where you can’t make it off of raw athleticism, which makes it one of the hardest sports to play and master at.
Golf from an ignorant person’s point of view may think that all you have to do is hit the ball hard and on target. While this isn’t wrong, there is so much more to take into account: balance, hand-eye coordination, mental toughness, and patience. Those are four basic fundamentals that are required for every other sport, so why should these uncultured swines be able to call basketball a sport and not golf considering they have semi-similar fundamentals?
There are a lot of things to pull off in order to be a golf player that most athletes do not have: patience. Professional golfer, Spencer Levin, shines some light about golf compared to other sports,”You can score countless touchdowns in football, but a hole-in-one is a chance of a lifetime I was lucky enough to get[2004 U.S Men’s Open]” (Life of a Golfer, par.
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