History Of Halal Malaysia

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Based on halalfoodauthority.com the definition of Halal is means permissible and based on Islamic Shari’ah. The antonym to halal is haram, which means unlawful or forbidden. The Halal terms is common used in the Muslim due to their religion believes, the Muslim is forbidden to eat or touch things that contains pork. For example, they cannot eat pork meat or use any product such as cosmetic which have contain non halal substance, non-halal substance such as pork, forbidden animals or human parts which is urine or blood. If the food is contaminating with the non halal substance such as the human blood that product will be categories as non halal product. Because it is forbidden for them to use due to their religion, they also cannot use any product that does not have the halal logo on it. For example, certain face powder has small amount lard or pork substance in it and it does not contain the halal logo. So the Muslim is forbidden to use such product.

History of JAKIM
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It all began 1974 when the Research Center of the Islamic Affairs Division of the Prime Minister's Office started to issue halal certification letters for products that met the criteria. In 1994 the halal confirmation was given in a form of certification with a logo on it. On 1st September 2002, the government decided that all halal certification activities will be conducted by JAKIM's Food and Islamic Consumer Products Division which comprised only of 28 positions. On April 2nd 2008, the Halal Industry Development Corporation took over the management of all halal certification

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