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Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO)
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Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO)
The Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) is the National apex body of the tourism industry. It has over 4000 members covering all segments of Tourism Industry. Established in 1982, IATO today has international acceptance, and linkages.

It has close connections and constant interaction with other Tourism Associations in US, Nepal and Indonesia, where USTOA, NATO, ASITA and NTA are its member bodies; and is increasing its international networking with professional bodies for better facilitation to the International traveler visiting not
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Founded on 13th January1982 with just seven members, it has now over 4000 members from different segments of the tourism industry like travel agents, hotels, airlines, government tourism departments/ development corporations, educational institutions, transport operators and both national and international tour operators.

IATO has been the forum for the Tourism Industry for addressing crucial industry issues, at various levels. During the 1982 convention, IATO’s demand for the Tourism Industry’s recognition as EXPORTERS was finally accepted by the Government in 2002! IATO has constantly been discussing important issues at different for and with persistent persuasion have attained the unique position of being the Industry’s prime contact with the Government.

While the Industry’s issues are the prime focus of IATO as the National apex Body, IATO has whole heartedly participated in its Social Obligations. IATO has supported all major National Causes, contributed by Relief emergency operations in National Crisis and calamities. IATO has also been actively involved in development of Professional Human Resources in the Tourism Industry, by providing on the Job Training to the students from Different Tourism Institutes and organizing special need based courses for training in the
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It interacts closely with all Government Ministries / Departments, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Diplomatic Missions etc. It acts as the common medium between the Decision Makers and the industry, and presents the complete perspective to both sides, synergizing their common agenda of Tourism facilitation. All IATO members observe the highest standards of professional ethics and offer personalized service to their clients.
IATO has five categories of membership: Active, Allied, Associate, International and Honorary. All its active members are recognized and approved by the Indian government's Department of Tourism and have at least three years’ experience of handling International Tourists to India, before being admitted to the IATO fraternity

IATO's affairs are managed by an Executive Committee, elected by the Active Members every two years. The Executive Committee is headed by The President with a team of six Office Bearers and 9 Executive Members. The Executive Committee meets every month to discuss current Tourism Industry and Membership Issues. IATO networks through its State Level Chapters at the local level where all local issues are handled at the appropriate
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