History Of Indentured Servitude

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During the early to mid eighteen hundreds, Britain, and subsequently, the British Empire underwent a change of attitudes towards slavery. Beginning in the 1807 when Britain outlawed slavery, the development of indentured servitude occurred. Following this, African slaves who were freed, nevertheless, the grueling plantation work still needed people to till the fields and harvest the crops. Indentured servitude of Indians was an, as of yet, mostly untapped resource. The largely illiterate Indian populace, not knowing the agreements in which they were signing, were forced into similar roles and conditions as the recently freed Africans. These people were shipped from their home, to a mostly undeveloped continent, ninety-five thousand miles from their homes. Many would never see their homes again.…show more content…
The Indian peoples, who by no fault of their own, were so blatantly exploited to the benefit and profit of an elite class is nothing new. The story of indentured servitude reinforces the narrative that anywhere there is a solution to efficiently solve a problem, no matter the expense, a certain sect of society will exploit it to their own gain. Throughout history, this has always been the case. From the despots of the Ancient world, to the kings and queens of the middle ages, to men such as Rockefeller and Carnegie, weaknesses in societies will always be systematically used to oppress. Viewing the film, this point is reinforced, extremely tragically, might I
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