Theories Of Individualism

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Individualism: Theory and Practice In America, individualism became their concept in living culture which builds the idealization of individual’s social-political philosophy. Generally, individualism means makes themselves as priority than others in society. In contrast, collectivism likely to attached in a group as togetherness. This term asserted as the turning point of individualism conceptualized in American. 2.2.1 History of Individualism According to Triandis theory, the constructed can be found in ancient legal writings, religious texts, and moral-political philosophies. (2011:499) It firstly found in ancient legal structures in the Middles East—law of Hammurabi (1700s BC)—where the law written in universal codes that focus talk about…show more content…
Direct Characterization tells the readers what the personality of the character is. For example, “He likes that he was stronger than other boys. Power became Nim’s fascination…. She keeps her dark hair braided and her eyes lowered, lest her fairness encourage the bad desires of men. Humility became Alli’s cocoon” (Albom, 2012:11) The author directly telling the reader the personality of these two person. Nim is ‘strong’ and Alli is ‘humble’. Next, Indirect Characterization shows things that reveal personality of a character. It divided into five methods such as speech, thoughts, effect on others toward the character, actions, and looks. Speech can be comprehended from what others say about character and how others react to the character. The speech asserts the thoughts from the way characters think or feel about good or bad thing to show. It causes effect on others toward character through action, which decides character to do or not do from beginning till end in case stunning the story. And last is looks of the character physical appearance, spread out within expressions, gesture that occur in several situation or…show more content…
And it could be using an object, action, even situation that means something more than its literal meaning. In literature, symbolism can formed through figure of speech. More like the actions of a character, word, behavior, or event that have a deeper meaning in the context of the whole story. Therefore, the figure itself could be as representative of several other aspects, concepts or traits that are visible in the texts. “Knowledge of how represent a real-life physical situation in symbolic way is truly remarkable achievement of the human mind.” (Danesi, 2004:33) It allows elimination physical invention of symbol through representation of the real world to its meanings. Symbol is used to represent the whole situation on conventional practices. Apparently, symbolism became an important part for some cases like religious, nationality, science, and language is everywhere. For the people, this is going to be a shorthand system for recording and recalling information. So, in this research, to identify the symbol it will go through the intrinsic elements such as characters and settings that could produce one meaning as represents whole
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