History Of Individualism Theory And Practice

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Individualism: Theory and Practice
In America, individualism became their concept in living culture which builds the idealization of individual’s social-political philosophy. Generally, individualism means makes themselves as priority than others in society. In contrast, collectivism likely to attached in a group as togetherness. This term asserted as the turning point of individualism conceptualized in American.
2.2.1 History of Individualism
According to Triandis theory, the constructed can be found in ancient legal writings, religious texts, and moral-political philosophies. (2011:499) It firstly found in ancient legal structures in the Middles East—law of Hammurabi (1700s BC)—where the law written in universal codes that focus talk about right in individual, which recognize as independent and having duties, meanwhile obligations to other group members are define attributes from collectivist culture ideology. As later culture developed the more individualistic notion of rational principles and individual rights become more prevalent within legal systems. Secondly, it was found in religious institutions throughout the centuries. (2011:500) For example, in the West, the people are concern with group identity and its section. As focus in individualism term, with majority of Christian tradition, the individuals are embracing the only true God and reject other religious and belief the relation is between him and the Maker, one way prayer. Thirdly, individualism was found in

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