History Of Integrated Marketing Communication

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Integrated Marketing Communication
Currently in a highly competitive and fragmented market, where information technology and electronic commerce are in continuous development, a business cannot fail to have good strategies Integrated Marketing Communication. It is one of the keys to success of a company, whether multinational or SMEs.
Everything Communicates
We know that everything communicates, but you should know the proper way to communicate with internal (employees) and external users (customers outside the company), which is in constant change. As a result any company wishing to achieve success, that the market perceives and marketing closer to the reality of the image you wish to achieve company or product must stay ahead. The market
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All elements make the overall image that the consumer will have the product, the brand and the company behind it and change or modify any of them necessarily affect everyone else. Hence the importance and challenge of fully work to achieve the same impact. History of integrated marketing communication
The history of integrated marketing communication , we note began to be understood and applied by companies from the late 90s, which seeks union efficiently and implementation of planning, coordination and integration of all messages from the company. Being one of the main purposes prevent leakage of information for the preparation of corporate image, establishing a set of simple messages, so that the market can understand. Use the set of graphics, audio and sound techniques.
Stakeholders or groups involved
Something that should be mentioned is the stakeholders or groups involved in the process, among which are in internal environment, external and socio-relational environment.
Today, the proliferation of competitors and their marketing aggressiveness has increased globally. All companies wanting to be different from one another it’s become a great
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Consumers choose the product over the other, so you have reported, predominantly in their minds through integrated communication offered to it.
According to Ruben Trevino in his book Advertising: Integrated Communication in Marketing: "Currently, we are in a stage of marketing of perceptions, where" the essential thing is not to be, but to seem "where what matters really is what it perceives market for us, our company and our brand and it clearly contributes communication. "
According to Rafael Muniz Gonzalez in his book Marketing in the 21st century , it poses as integrated marketing communication sub function of modern marketing and includes as one of the main areas of activity Advertising. One of the most powerful tools of marketing, specifically the promotion, which is used by businesses, nonprofit organizations, state institutions and individuals, to publicize a specific message related to your products, services, ideas or others, to their target group.
It is therefore highly desirable to advertisers, marketers and all the people who are involved with marketing activities know the meaning of

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