History Of Islamization In Malaysia

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Islamization in Malaysia

Islamization refers to the process by which what are perceived by Islamic laws, values and practices are given greater significance in state, society and culture . (Liow, 2009, pp43) In 1972, Prime Minister Abdul Razak Hussein spoke about the “religious revolution to check declining morals” (Liow, 2009, pp46) which led to the gradual occurrence of Islamization. Islamic scholars and influential muftis on the National Fatwa Council helped this process by justifying Islamization through disseminating their views in the social and cultural arena through education and media (Hoffstaedter, 2013, pp 272). The process of Islamization through various means by various organizations have influenced apostasy in many ways. One of which is the political aspect of Islamization. Because the majority of population are Muslim, (Malaysia Demographic Profile, 2014) the idea of Islamization was popular and different political parties uses the idea of Islamization to promote their own policies.

Political Differences regarding apostates

The United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) is the largest political party in Malaysia. (Malaysia: History) UMNO emphasizes on upholding the Malay nationalism, and the dignity or race, religion and country. UMNO aims to create a “modern” Islam, whereby they can contribute to the resurgence of Islam as an intellectual and cultural force. (Liow 2009, pp46) Their proposed legislation on apostasy was that aspiring apostates were required

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