History Of Mass Communication Theory

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Our life in the middle of the development of communication technology can not be separated from the influence of the mass media, ranging from books, newspapers, radio, television, and internet. Forms of mass media are always color the attitudes and behavior of people in their daily life. Even the most extreme reality in one 's life that his life is controlled by the mass media, so it deserves for example someone there who avoids television because in his view the mass media provide information that can poison attitudes and patterns of thought.
The positive effects of the importance of the mass media, so many media that have become jargon for people who want to rule the world, if you want to control the world,
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Gerbner envisaged that the definition of mass communication that produces a product in the form of messages that are exchanged. The product is distributed, is distributed to a wide audience continuously within a fixed time, eg daily, weekly, or monthly. The process of producing the message can not be done by individuals, but must by the agency, and requires a certain technology, so that mass communication will be carried out by industrial…show more content…
These ideas were originally developed in the mid-19th century, at the time when the rapid development of large factories in urban regions which then attract more and more people from rural areas to move to the city. At the same time, the print media is getting stronger enabling the manufacture of paper that can be sold at a low price in the population rapidly growing reader. For these social thinkers, the mass media has become a symbol of everything that is considered one of city life in the 19th century.
The dominant perspective on media and society that emerged during this period often associated with the theory of mass society (mass society theory). This theory is a theory that is inherently contradictory and is rooted in nostalgia "golden age" of rural community life that never existed. Moreover, this theory mass anticipate future nightmare we lost all our individuality and became a slave of the machine - the machine industry.
An important argument of the theory of mass society is that the media menyubversi and disrupt the existing social order. However, the media is also seen as a potential solution for the mess they created. The media can serve as an important tool that can be used to repair the damaged structure or transform instituted a new
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