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The biggest event in history. The most life changing moment. the wait was worth it. the whole world has been waiting for this moment. the supence is building up inside ever person in the world. russia wants to prove us wrong but we are right. That moment was when the Apollo 11 touched lunar surface. this moon landing changed the worlds out look on outerspace now we know more than ever.

“ Thats one small step for man one giant leap for mankind .”- neil armstrong In 102 hours 45 minutes and 43 seconds for NASA’s dream came true. 1After the launch it took that long before landing on the lunar surface. The moment they landed was one of the biggest moments in astronomical history. July 20 1969 was the exact date. 2 The very second they landed was written down and kept for reccords in the future. The date is an extremley important date of astronomical history aswell. From this day forward nothing would be the same at NASA. The landing was originaly an exparament. The landing was scetchy, no one knew what was going to happen just the fact that they got as far as they did was amazing. The fact that they landed and made it back to earth in one peice is astonishing. The landing was extremly important to NASA and the rest of the world.

“Mystery creates wonder wonder is the basis of
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The moon landing was the most inportant event in NASA history. 1.If it wouldn’t have been for the landing we wouldn’t know what we know about our galaxy. They found water and a trace of life on the moon. 2. If we wouldn’t have known that there was something else out there, because of people wondering they wouldn’t have found water on the moon. When Neil was growing up people told him he couldn’t do it. People told him he couldn’t reach the moon. Well he proved them wrong he made it there and no one though he could but he did. He wondered and that show he got there that’s how he got to the moon. They made it there many more

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