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Musical theatre combines music, dance and theatre to tell a story. It is not just a play with music because the songs and the music also tell a story. Music and singing are the main features and together with drama they combine into a musical theatre. It appeals to many people because it has such variety. The words are sung and in some musicals there are no spoken words at all. Musical theatre has developed over the last 150 years. American musical theatre began in the beginning of the 20th century. It has two main phases. The first one was from 1900 to late 1920’s and the second was from 1920 to 1960’s. The first phase was less serious. It was usually comedy, dancing, simple plots and cheerful singing. The second phase musicals…show more content…
Grease is a Rock and Roll musical which is made up of two acts and 15 scenes. It is set in Rydell High School in Chicago in 1959. It is about ten working-class teenagers and looks at themes such as politics, love, pregnancy, gang violence, friendship, sex and peer pressure. The two main characters are Danny Zuko and Sandy Dumbrowski who meet and fall in love during the summer. When they get back to school, Danny has to impress his friends - the “Burger Palace Boys”, and does not want to show that he really cares about Sandy and does not know how to act towards her. This change in his behaviour confuses and hurts Sandy. Sandy then asks the girls from “The Pink Ladies” for help and they help change her from a “goody-goody” to a rock and roll dream girl. Danny is very impressed and they get together again. The Instruments that were used in the musical are the same as the movie. They are drums, bass guitar, keyboards, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, percussion and…show more content…
Sandy – The girl who Danny loves. She is pretty and sweet. The “Pink Ladies” – the girl gang that hangs around with the “Burger Palace Boys”. Rizzo – The leader of the “Pink Ladies”. She is a tough and thin Italian who is sarcastic but vulnerable. Frenchy – She is a good-natured and dumb dreamer. She is very concerned about her appearance, especially her hair and wants to become a beautician when she finishes

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