History Of My Life Essay

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Q # 1 Life Story Write a detailed version of your life. Who are you? What is your background history? Mention all important events that touched you (good and/or bad).
My name is Muhammad FaizanFareed. And I am son of Dr.Fareed Ahmed. I am from Sialkot. My hole family well educated.i had been completed 5th grade in Pakistan Public High School. 6th and 7th grade study completed in GovtIslamia High School Siranlwali, Sailkot. In village education system is not good so i got only 7th grade education in village then we went to the Lahore for higher study.
When i came to the Lahore I nervous because I did not know how to change my mind set and concentrate on the study. I was also little worried about my future goals.
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My behavior toward others always good because I never want to hurt some one without any reason but when ever I have many reason then I never give up .
Feelings is very important in my life and I never want to play with feelings of other .when some one hurt me I am completely upset.
Thoughts are very important in my life because it always help me to achieve my goals of life . Some time my thoughts about some one is awful after that I wrong. I do not care what people think about me .
My judgment about others people is always wrong.
Q # 6 Vision Where do you see yourself after 5-years?
After my graduations I will go US for MS in Software Engineering. After that I will do a lots of thing like : o Own Software House o Work as Security Expert o Work on Programming Languages o Businessman o I also become CEO of Facebook, Google, Apple, IBM, Microsoft o Buy UMT (if my mood not changed)
“Set your Goals high, and don’t stop till you get there “ BO JACKSON

Q # 7 Friends ‘A man is known by the company he keeps’. Close friends have significant impact on our life. “A man is known by the company he keeps”
I have a lot of friends but only 3 to 4 friends impact on my
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